Best Friend For Hire, Entry 124

I sat in my office, feeling as if I was drifting in space due to the environment setting which portrayed the universe around me. My one companion was the disembodied voice of Mila; I had told her to disable her avatar, not wanting to see the all too Alma-like figure right now. What I needed was freedom from that girl, something to force her into realizing we were not dating. Perhaps the time was here for me to actually attempt to date someone. My mother excluded, most people seemed to feel that dating several people provided valuable life experiences. I needed to be careful though. I definitely couldn’t bring a girl here with most of the residents possessing supernatural abilities. Supernatural? Could I even use that term anymore? Ugh. Whatever the term, I would need to protect anyone I dated from Alma’s schemes, so I couldn’t risk my date meeting her. I didn’t want to see her face if she caught me with someone either. If I hurt her, seeing tears in her enchanting violet eyes would be too much for me to handle. Too many months were spent thinking about that girl. Getting her out of my head really would be good for me.

I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. Planning to date a girl to spite Alma wasn’t right, but doing this for myself truly was. I’d just keep this endeavor quiet, so as not to upset anyone. I could trust Jarod though if I needed to talk things over. “How does one go about finding a date?” I asked aloud. Mila replied “Most guys your age would be meeting girls in classes or at parties, master, but I cannot recommend enrolling yourself into college. No curriculum compares with that written by the Princess for educational merit or flexibility. A large enough percentage of girls within your age range utilize online dating for you to be successful through that route, master. Should the Princess and I prepare profiles on the appropriate sites?” Meeting someone online might be safer for me. As long as the profiles were at least a few months old, the girls couldn’t be spies placed by Alma even if she found out. “Do you really need Aaliyah’s help with the profile?” I asked, not entirely certain about the tiny twelve-year-old being involved in my dating life. “The Princess will need to adjust your schedule to allot time for dating, master, and her linguistic skills are simply unparalleled. If you have any doubts, I encourage you to read through any of the contracts she’s written for Best Friend For Hire.” explained Mila.

I never doubted Aaliyah’s skill with words and would rather not attempt to decipher any of the contracts she wrote, despite how father would be horrified if he heard me admit that. I really didn’t have good reason to doubt Aaliyah’s ability to portray me well. There was just something inherently wrong with letting an adorable little girl deal with matters pertaining to love. She was too young to worry about those things. Well, she looked too young at very least. I wasn’t entirely certain how young I was when I first had a crush, but I guiltily thought I might have been younger than twelve. “Master, should we begin?” inquired Mila again. I sighed and said, “Go for it. Thank you, Mila.” I would just have to proofread my profile after it was posted to alleviate my fears. There couldn’t be too many hits within the first day anyways, and, I realized, I was just being lazy by not writing the thing myself in the first place. Gazing off at the stars above me, I sat and wondered about all of the things I was simply accustomed to now. A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to definitively tell you a career path that appealed to me. Now I literally lived at my business headquarters, regularly talked with an A.I. vastly beyond any others known to me, and depended largely on a secretary who barely stood higher than my knee.

Then there were the absolutely amazing people with whom I lived, most of which needed to keep secrets from normal people for the safety of those they met. I shivered as I thought of the hell Alma would reign down on scientists that would want to experiment on her. The amount of fire Alma controlled within the warehouse could easily torch a platoon quickly, and she hadn’t even appeared remotely strained by it. Beyond her magic, the tremendous speed she possessed would surely allow her to physically kill numerous people before they were even aware of an attack. I wondered at how the girl knew where we were so quickly. Emma never even came out in the open, and Jarod was spotted without her even looking in his direction. Why did such a conniving girl have to possess such extraordinary abilities? Why couldn’t I stop thinking about how completely perfect she looked? I obviously did need more experience with girls. Surely there was one who could compare with Alma without being so manipulative. I sighed. Alma was not going to be my standard for what I wanted it in a girl.

“Oh, master! You already have a message waiting for you.” announced Mila. Someone neglected to mention my profile was even complete, but I was the one who didn’t tell her that I wanted to proofread it. I responded “Thank you, Mila. Please bring it up for me to see.” The message consisted of nothing but “U r hawt! <3”. I rolled my eyes, knowing I needed a better profile already. “Please filter messages similar to that in the future. I’d like to see the finished profile.” I told her. The pictures of me were quite decent, but I had no clue when they were taken. When I asked, Mila explained that the Princess tooks clips from the surveillance system and edited them. I wouldn’t have ever thought to do that, but I also didn’t realize how crisp the videos for the surveillance system were. Perhaps the same mirrors for video calls were also utilized for security. As I read through the profile, I resisted the urge to immediately start making changes. I expected my profile to be more of a fluff piece talking about my good qualities, but Aaliyah and Mila pointed out numerous flaws as well, though I had to admit they weren’t cruel or wrong about any of them. In the end, I decided to leave the profile unchanged. Being honest about myself was probably the right thing, considering I was trying to run from deception.

As hours passed by, I was amazed at how many messages I was getting even as I told Mila more and more things to filter for me. I never would have dreamed that I could get quite so many responses in the first day. Most of them were complete garbage, but a couple looked somewhat promising. I was slightly worried that Aaliyah hacked the website to boost my presence there. Considering how easily the girl altered secured video game streams, I didn’t doubt her abilities to get into a dating website at all. Even if she did, all I could really do was thank her after telling her that was unethical. I really did want to give this a shot, right? As I read through the latest response, I felt nervous about the idea. The girl looked pretty in a somewhat nerdy way. Her frizzy, brown hair had tremendous volume, and her glasses seemed slightly large. She seemed really laid back for a girl, dressing in t-shirts for most of her pictures. The only one without a t-shirt showed her wearing a hideous, orange dress, but I could forgive her lack of fashion sense. She liked video games, enjoyed reading, and was currently majoring in fine arts at the nearby university. I sent her a message asking if she would be interested in hanging out sometime this week. This could turn out to be fun.


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