Best Friend For Hire, Entry 125

Monday found me waking up slightly late yet still feeling exhausted. I rushed to meet with Brandon and Brenna for their morning training, ate a quick breakfast afterward, and then hurriedly got ready for a job today. I never would have guessed how much of a blessing a capable cook would be, but Marco always seemed to have food ready, no matter the odd times my friends and I arrived in the kitchen. Still, having a complicated life wasn’t a good enough excuse to keep a friend waiting, especially if that friend was paying you to be a best friend willing to tear out part of a wall, fix leaking pipes, and bring the wall back to its pre-ruined state. I had Mila find the quickest route, since her information on traffic congestion was extremely accurate. Assuming that my client was right about the problem, I was hoping to get the job done within six hours. Less would be far better considering that I needed time to get ready for my date afterward.

When I sent Addison Wright a message inquiring about her availability, I wasn’t expecting to be going on a date the very next day. I was expecting a bit of discussion first, perhaps a rejection. I always heard that getting a date was difficult. There was still something nerve-racking enough about a date that I hardly got any sleep, although getting up after noon the day before truly didn’t help one sleep early. I spent a fair amount of time searching through date ideas, since Addison only gave me a location and time to meet her. Though she liked video games, I couldn’t precisely invite her to my place, and the better arcades were too noisy for conversation. There were numerous locations throughout the city, such as museums, aquariums, and parks, where I could take a walk with a girl, but I didn’t feel she seemed like the type to enjoy a stroll through the park. I was leaning toward the stereotypical movie date if she didn’t have any suggestions herself. I felt inept. I knew people were supposed to have a good time on dates, but how? For well over a month now my main pastimes included martial arts, magic, and Ancient Tribes of Earth. I really needed to get out more.

After finishing with the wall, I was running very short on time. The work on the wall didn’t take me any longer than I expected, but buying the paint was a bit troublesome. The girl working in the department was extremely nice, but she somehow ended up mixing the wrong color two times before getting it right. I hoped my irritation wasn’t showing too strong, because the poor girl seemed extremely nervous for some reason. I really needed to watch my temper. Dealing with Alma over the weekend really wound me up, and I needed to relax, especially for my date. Literally sprinting out of the house after getting cleaned up, I hopped in Mila and sped off to meet Addison. I’d feel horrible if the was waiting long for me, but there was no way I could meet her quite on time. I had Mila send her a text, apologizing and saying I would arrive shortly. Arriving six minutes late, I knew mother would be disappointed if I told her about it later. I hated to think what father would say. Addison’s frizzy hair was quite easy to spot when I entered the cafe. She sat toward the back, biting her lip and staring at a menu. I smiled as I saw that she was wearing a “Princess Power” gamer tee depicting Zelda holding the Master Sword aloft.

“I’m terribly sorry for my late arrival. Have you been waiting long?” I asked as I sat across from her. “Oh!” she exclaimed, ducking behind her menu. She seemed more nervous than I did, not even looking at me. Maybe she was angry? “I’m sorry if I offended you. Work ran late due to a mishap, and I just couldn’t get here in a more timely manner.” Still hiding behind her menu, she said, speaking rapidly, “You’re fine. I mean it’s fine. I mean don’t worry. You’re gorgeous.” Then she made a sort of whimpering noise and said something under her breath. I obviously had upset her, but I wasn’t sure what to do. “I’m feeling a bit parched. Mind if I buy us a couple drinks for starters?” I asked. “I’m underage.” she blurted. “Umm… alright. I was thinking tea or coffee. Whatever you like that they serve here.” I told her. I barely heard her as she said, “I’ll have what you’re having.” I knew some people became really offended by late arrivals, but I did try to arrive on time. How was I suppose to recover from this? I knew girls could be tricky from dealing with the twins, but I never encountered someone quite like this before. I went to the counter, glanced at the menu, and ordered two peach teas along with a couple chocolate chip cookies.

I grabbed a couple straws and napkins before returning to the table. I didn’t feel I was on the road to being forgiven yet. Addison had returned the menu to its holder, but was looking everywhere but at me as she sucked down her tea. At least I picked something she seemed to enjoy. “I like your t-shirt.” I told her, hoping an honest compliment could warm her up to me a bit. She quickly glanced at me and thanked me. Then she inquired “Why are you here?” I felt a bit dumbfounded, but said, “For our date, though I feel I got off on the wrong foot.” She put her glass down, but still held it in both hands as she responded “But why are you on a date with me? Did someone put you up to this? Don’t think I didn’t notice that your profile is new.” What was with this girl? “You sent me a message, remember? After I looked at your profile, I felt we had enough in common to give it a shot. Sorry that I’m not too good at this. You’re pretty much my second real date ever.” I confessed. She stared at me with her mouth hanging open long enough that I was feeling a bit nervous. What was with her?

“You CAN’T be serious. There’s no way,” she said rather forcefully. “Why would I lie to you? We both signed up to that site in hopes of dating, right? If you really would rather not, I can’t force you to give me a chance.” I replied, feeling a bit offended. I took a couple deep breaths and told myself to be calm. At least she wasn’t trying to own me like Alma. She started speaking with each word coming swifter than the last, saying, “But you’re… you’re… beautiful! Like really, really attractive. I thought it’d be funny to send you a message, ‘cuz I thought you were one of those phony profiles. I didn’t expect a response, much less a date. Now you’re telling me we have stuff in common? Are you serious? I have enough trouble walking without tripping, and you seem more, well, like a jock, really. Guys like you belong on posters advertising underwear, not on dates with me! This is a prank, right? Please, be honest.” I stared at her in complete confusion for a moment. Then to try easing the mood I said, “I can’t say I really expected you to be picturing me in my underwear on a first date, but I really do enjoy video games. I was thinking that you might enjoy going to see a movie after this.”

Addison snorted as she started laughing, but at least she seemed to open up after that. I got her talking about games. We both agreed on seeing The Bourne Legacy after walking to the theater, and I couldn’t help thinking about how numerous people I knew could outperform the characters. I asked Addison about her opinion of the movie afterward. She talked a bit about how the original three movies were better, since Jason Bourne was in them. I agreed with her, but I wasn’t feeling into the date. She seemed like a really nice girl, but something was definitely off. I felt like I was having to try far too hard to make conversation. Not long after, she told me that she needed to get to work. Apparently, she didn’t try getting the night off, because she really didn’t expect me to show up. When I returned home, I played Ancient Tribes of Earth with the others, but the twins seemed upset at me still. I had every right to be upset with Alma after what she did, or so I told myself again. Even Eseld seemed a bit down, and she only interacted with the rest of us through the game.

I spent some time trying to cheer Eseld up, but she wouldn’t open up and tell me what was bothering her. Part of me wondered how I would fair with her on a date. At least I could be fairly certain that she wasn’t associated with Alma, since we met her randomly in game. After further preparations for fighting the next two demons in the game were finished, I logged off and went to bed. Though still exhausted, I didn’t really feel like sleeping yet, so I had Mila bring up the dating site and started reading through messages. One really stuck out to me, written by a short, dark-haired girl who had quite the pretty smile. I was a bit startled by the end of her message though, since she was asking if I would meet with her the very next morning. Being a day for demon battling, Aaliyah didn’t schedule jobs for anyone, so I was actually free. What sort of girl wanted to meet with a guy without even hearing from him first though? I read through her lengthy email several times before finally deciding that I didn’t have anything to lose, save for a bit more sleep. I did my best to write a lengthy enough reply to demonstrate my earnest will to meet her, and then realized I should thank Mila, which I did. I never wanted to become so accustomed to her transcribing things for me that I unintentionally mistreated her. If the girl tomorrow was half as remarkable as Mila, I would be in for a wonderful date indeed.


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