Best Friend For Hire, Entry 136

My brain felt fried after nearly four hours of studying, but I would still be at it if Mila hadn’t interrupted to point out the time. I was very grateful for the break as well as for being able to meet Nakita Yara on time. She looked great in a black and grey striped dress that went halfway down her thighs. Black socks stretched almost high enough to meet the dress, and grey, open-toed heels matched the dress perfectly. Her blonde hair was parted on one side and slightly windblown, which looked great to me. I quickly banished the thought of Alma’s exceptionally long, auburn hair blowing in the wind, and greeted Nakita, saying, “Hi. How are you?” She smiled, and replied “I’m, like, so excited today. Everything’s gone completely perfect. So there was a problem with a couple of my girlfriends last night where these creepy creeps were bugging them at this club, right? Well, my place was nearby, so they hid out there and ended up staying over. I woke up in a panic, thinking they might need consoled or something, and I really didn’t want to miss our date. Well, they actually made me breakfast this morning, and it was soooo super good.”

I opened my mouth to tell her that I was happy her morning went well and ask if she was ready, but she didn’t even stop for a breath before saying, “They were in a great mood, so the ice cream last night really did help them, which made me feel like a great friend, since, ya know, I was able to help my friends and all. Then, like, they helped me pick out an outfit after seeing your profile and told me that I must get going to meet you. Jessica, like my BFF forever” ― That was a bit redundant. ― “did my nails for me while Tess helped with my makeup. Do you like it?” I said, “Yes”, but she talked right over it, continuing with “Tess is just sooo good with this sort of stuff, which would make me super jealous if she wasn’t already super jealous over me getting to go on a date with you. Aren’t they, like, the best!?” I started saying that they sound wonderful, but she didn’t pause. Since she was gripping my arm, I just started walking down to the river where I had planned on us taking a stroll to talk a bit. As I walked, I patiently waited for a moment to come where I might participate in the conversation. Nakita seemed perfectly content in her rambling, so she probably felt our date was going well.

“Which reminds me of this one time I was jogging, because, ya know, I like to jog, and this duck was floating along and one of my friends mistook it for a swan. Then I was all like, ‘If that’s a swan, I’m the swan princess.’, which made them giggle. One of them claimed that the swan princess died, which was, like, super creepy.” I nodded and said, “She does die.” In the pause that followed, I was shocked to find Nakita without comment. Her lips were moving for a bit before she said, “But that’s so sad! Like really, really sad.” I then explained to her “She comes back to life when Rothbart is slain, so don’t worry.” Nakita then replied “But I don’t want to be a zombie princess! They’re like smelly and gross. You’re not one of those zombie freaks that goes preparing for zombie invasions and stuff are you? I, like, don’t think I could handle that. I mean, like, the guns and stuff are kinda sexy, but I don’t want a bomb shelter for a basement or anything.” As she continued listing off pluses and minuses for “zombie freaks”, I was rather impressed that she knew that much about zombie stories. She talked about the different types of zombies and how each was gross before eventually circling back to how she really, really couldn’t date a “zombie freak”.

While she rambled, we managed to arrive at “Pete’s Perfect Pie”, a local pizza joint that had great reviews. I was excited to try the food there and thought Nakita would enjoy it as well, since she listed pizza as one of the “best foods ever” on her profile. Thinking back on the profile, there truly were hints in it regarding her personality. Perhaps I needed to read more carefully before accepting dates. After we were seated with drinks, I managed to say, “By the way, Odette comes back fully alive, not as a zombie.” Throughout dinner, Nakita expounded on her relief over Odette’s full recovery and on how I made her day by clearing that up, since she would have had “horrible zombie nightmares” if I hadn’t. Throughout her rant, I wondered if I should mention that in “Swan Lake”, both the prince and princess die. At the start, I was under the impression that she was referring to “The Swan Princess”, which tells a slightly different story. On one hand, I didn’t truly wish to mislead her, especially with how she might be talking about this later. On the other, I wasn’t certain I was up for her distress over the couple dying.

The deep dish pizza was superb, filling my nose with its spicy aroma as I devoured the savory slice. I was tempted to have another slice, but Nakita ate so little that I worried over her thinking me a pig if I did. I never worried over my image too much when I was in high school, but now I needed to always have a good image for my company’s sake. I didn’t want a bad date to reflect poorly on how people saw my employees, and there was no way Nakita wouldn’t be talking. “Like, is something wrong? You seem to be, like, lost in thought or something.” she stated, as if on queue. I was both shocked and grateful when she waited for a response this time. “No-no. Sorry to worry you. I get lost in my own head at times. My mother blames it on my father when she catches me at it.” I told her. Then she was off again, saying, “Oh. Do you, like, still live with your parents? I still visit mine, but they’re paying for me to have an apartment closer to my school, since I, like, would never make it otherwise. Traffic is so horrible in the morning, and I really, like, don’t know how people manage to get up early enough to beat it.”

I covered our meal and started walking back along the river with Nakita, the golden glow of the sun reflecting beautifully across the water as it grew closer to setting. The entire way was spent listening to Nakita explain how she felt about every last member of her family, how she felt about their pets, and how most of them needed “serious help with their wardrobe.” I did understand how choosing clothing that complimented one’s figure was difficult for some, but I wasn’t nearly as proactive about changing it as Nakita seemed. I preferred the idea of enjoying the best of people without forcefully trying to change them. Thinking yet again about what Alma did to me, I wondered if she was attempting to change me with her actions or if she truly was attempting to teach me. Was I too harsh on her? Would the point have stuck if I wasn’t harsh? Did the point even stick? I looked around to try spotting her, wondering if she followed me once again, but I didn’t see her anywhere. What if, after following me on so many dates, Alma truly gave up on me? I wasn’t happy about her behavior in general, but I did want to see the girl again, despite her actions. I thought Eseld would know what to do, but I didn’t really want to talk about girl troubles with her. The sense of relief I felt parting from Nakita would be enough for now, especially if Eseld was online when I returned home. Things could work out still.


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