Best Friend For Hire, Entry 143

Trix was sitting on my lap, her hands tickling my sides as she kissed along my jaw. My hands slowly moved down her back, finding the opening in the lace dress. My thoughts were scrambled, leaving nothing but the moment available to me. I felt her breath on my ear and shivered. She softly bit my lip, and I fought against my body’s urges. Telling myself I barely knew this girl, I tried to control myself, but I didn’t want this feeling to stop. I didn’t want the taste of her lips to leave my tongue. Her nails softly scratched my back through my shirt, and I lost my breath in our kiss, gasping when our lips parted again. Clothing seemed such a flimsy barrier between our bodies, I envisioned tearing the lace from her body, only to snap back a second later, looking around. “James? Is something wrong?” asked Trix. I barely heard her as my eyes searched for Alma. What if she was watching us? What if she was crying? I shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be doing this. I shivered as Trix kissed my cheek, part in pleasure and part in guilt. I tried to convince myself that there was nothing wrong with this. Alma wasn’t my girlfriend. I really didn’t know her well. Looking up at Trix, there was a moment where I saw violet eyes staring down at me.

“I’m so, so terribly sorry, but can we take a break for a moment?” I asked her, fearful of her reaction. Trix sat beside me and snuggled into my shoulder, apparently not offended. She was such an amazing, talented girl from the little I knew. “Why don’t I make us some drinks?’ she suggested. “Umm.. Nothing alcoholic, please. I’m underage.” I told her, feeling embarrassed for once about my avoidance of alcohol. “Don’t be silly. So am I.” she told me, calming that one emotion. I felt… so much right now. My body felt hot with my desire though the cool lake air was teasing my skin to send a shiver across my back. Trix very well could be the perfect girl for me, so why was I thinking of Alma now, worrying over how she felt? “I’m not a cruel person.” I told myself, as I watched Trix deftly slicing up fruit. I really didn’t want to hurt Alma, but the feeling inside me was far more intense than that, as if hurting Alma was like cutting into my heart with a dull butter knife. I couldn’t date anyone right now, not even Trix; Trix who was distracting on so many levels couldn’t make me forget how thoughts of Alma tugged on my heart. I really needed to get over that girl if I was ever to date anyone.

“Take a sip,” said Trix as she held a glass to my lips. Various fruits mixed with some type of soda and things I couldn’t identify. I leaned my head back and gazed up at the twinkling sky. The drink truly was refreshing, and my heart was finally returning to a more reasonable pace. Realizing that Trix was smiling up at me, I asked “Is something on my face?” She shook her head, her blonde hair catching in the wind before cascading back down her breast. I quickly looked away, and she giggled. “No. I was just thinking of how photogenic you must be. You really look incredible from every angle.” she claimed. I was certainly blushing, and she was giggling more. “Let me see your license,” she said. “Umm… why?” I asked. “Just do it.” she told me with a grin. She was exceptionally beautiful, maybe even as beautiful as Alma. I felt a pang of guilt and quickly grabbed my wallet for the girl, pulling my license out and handing it to her. “I knew it! Even your driver’s license picture is perfect.” she told me, staring down at the card. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the sky. The picture wasn’t really that great. Hearing her gasp, I looked back at Trix. “You didn’t tell it was your birthday! Happy birthday!” she exclaimed, handing my license back. “It’s not. It’s tomorrow.” I assured her. Shaking her head, she said, “Not anymore.”

Checking the time, I couldn’t believe how many hours had passed. I was surprised to see my schedule was wide open today until I realized that Aaliyah surely knew today was my birthday. She seemed to plan for everything. What was I going to do with my day? Well, sleep was probably going to take up most of it, considering 4 AM already passed us by. Strangely, I wasn’t feeling remotely tired yet. “Let’s go get some cake. I know the perfect place, birthday boy,” said Trix, still grinning. “We really don’t need to go anywhere, and I doubt we could find cake this early in the morning.” I told her. Maybe I should be going home, but I really didn’t feel like telling her “farewell” yet. How was I supposed to tell Trix, the girl who gave me such an incredible date, that things weren’t going to work, at least not yet? “I insist. Cake is necessary on birthdays.” she told me, tugging at my hand as if to pull me up. I stood and told her “As you wish. I can’t very well argue with the captain on her ship.” I walked over to the helm and chatted with Trix for a while as she took us back onto the river, but she didn’t tell us where we were heading despite my inquiries.

I was tempted to call Mila to pick us up, but a taxi happened to be driving by as we reached the street. Trix gave an address I didn’t recognize instead of saying the name of this mysterious place that served cake in the wee hours of the morning. The ride seemed amazingly quick chatting with Trix, and she insisted on paying the fare. Stepping out, I found myself in front of the Intergalactic House of Awesome Sauce. “Have you ever eaten here before?” asked Trix, smiling at me and taking my hand. “OH, yes. The food here is really out of this world,” I said with a grin. She laughed and pulled me along. I was impressed that she could move so quickly in heels. “James! Happy birthday! Who would’ve thought to see you this early in the day?” asked Carl, greeting us. He still looked to be from an entirely different era to me, but Trix didn’t seem to notice. “Hi, Carl. I never knew you were open this early and am generally not up yet.” I told him. “Well, nothing like an early start on your birthday. Please, take a seat. Your cake will be out shortly,” he said, walking away before I could ask how he knew today was my birthday. Looking around at the room, I wasn’t surprised to find yet another new design.

The table and chairs twinkled softly and appeared to be made of glass too fragile to touch, but I didn’t impale myself sitting down. Instead, I was relieved to find myself reasonably comfortable. Candles burned on the table, and the ceiling appeared to be a night sky with the moon softly glowing almost overhead. With her unfaltering smile, Trix told me “This is my absolute favorite restaurant. You won’t find better cake anywhere!” I nodded and said, “I can understand that. I once had cheesecake here that was absolutely divine.” Gazing into her bright blue eyes, I was taken again at how exquisite this girl was. Being able to talk so easily with someone was always incredible, and I thought again that I could come to love her in no time. But… But I might already be in love and didn’t want to enter a relationship with mixed emotions. Even laughing and talking ― not laughing was impossible with Trix being so delightful ― I found myself thinking more and more about Alma. If I went on more dates with Trix and started dating her in earnest, what would happen with Alma? Would she burn my house to the ground in revenge? I didn’t really think she would, but that was easier for me to consider than seeing tears in her eyes. Something about Alma crying was far worse to me than losing all I owned.

“I hope this is to your liking.” stated Carl as he rolled out a massive cake depicting my guild hall from Ancient Tribes of Earth, complete with the hill on which it rested. “This is fantastic!” I told him, completely in shock. “How did you have this prepared?” I asked. “Well, I knew your birthday was coming up and had some time on my hands, so I did what I always do and wheeled this out precisely when I felt it was ready.” he nonchalantly explained. “Please, enjoy,” he said, setting drinks in front of us. I couldn’t believe the minute details, such as a sword mark in a pillar Brandon had accidentally slashed, which were perfectly captured. Did Carl play? Had Aaliyah sent him pictures? Well, she might well have sent him a three-dimensional model complete with annotation. She really had a way of going overboard that put everyone else to shame. I nearly protested when Trix started slicing through the work of art with a knife, but I managed to remind myself that this was a cake meant for eating. “Here you are, my birthday boy,” said Trix as she placed a slice in front of me. I stayed her hand when she moved to cut her own, and said, “I insist on cutting yours in return.” As she watched me carefully slicing into the hill, she told me “I’ve never anticipated eating dirt so much before. You really can sell anything as a treat, can’t you.”

Trix pushed her plate over by mine as I sat down. I understood, somewhat, a moment later when she lit two candles on the ones burning on the table. She quickly plunged the burning candles into the cake and said, “Birthday cake isn’t the same until you blow the candles out.” After I blew out the candles, she kissed my cheek and said, “Happy birthday!” Then she danced back to her seat, biting into her slice as she sat down. “This is the best dirt ever!” she exclaimed. I laughed and took a bite of my own before telling her “I think mine might be better.” She protested and held out some of hers on her fork. I rolled my eyes, but cut a little onto my fork and did the same. We tasted each other’s slice at the same time, and new flavors met my tongue. The slices truly did taste differently. “Well, that was unexpected.” I confessed. Trix laughed and said, “Many cakes from here have different flavors at different parts. They’re all delicious!” I wasn’t by any means a chef myself, but I ate at countless places throughout my life and still couldn’t fathom how Carl managed such a feat. After devouring my slice, I was hesitant to go for seconds, not wanting to seem a pig, but Trix dove right in for another slice the moment she finished hers.

As I devoured my second slice, a unique flavor from the first, my resolve hardened. I couldn’t drag this fabulous girl along when my feelings were such a mess. Setting down my fork, I started explaining “Trix, you’re wonderful, completely and truly. Our time together has been one of the greatest days of my life.” She was smiling at me, so I looked to the sky and trudged on, saying, “I really, really don’t want to ruin my chances with you, but I feel that I must confess my heart isn’t entirely in this. There’s this girl I’ve been trying to get over. She’s infuriating and bossy. I’d even say she’s dangerous, but… I… I really think I might be in love with her. I need to spend some time with her and try to understand why before I can be the guy you deserve, assuming I’m able to move past her at all. You’d be amazed how much of a wall such a tiny person can be. Well, maybe not. I mean, she’s around your size, but…” The sound that reached my ears cut through my thoughts like a knife as Trix’s voice altered somewhat, saying, “It’s okay, boss-man, sir. I know how you feel. Don’t worry though. I’ll be your friend forever.” I looked over to find little Aaliyah smiling at me. What was going on?


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