Best Friend For Hire, Entry 158

Fortunately for me, the convention was winding down for the day. I wasn’t entirely certain whether to be dreading or excited for the next day. With twice as many hours, I was likely to be utterly exhausted by the end, but I did have a great deal of fun. I wasn’t anticipating Aaliyah hitting the button for the ground floor when we reached the hotel, but I didn’t doubt there was a reason. When I saw the delivery drivers with the pile of pizza boxes, I understood. As Aaliyah signed the receipt for the shocked driver, Alma pointed to someone from the hotel who bore an obvious look of surprise when she waggled her finger for him to approach. In short order, we were bringing a “trolley” of pizza, two-liters, and other food up to the suite. Shortly after entering the room, Alma took off to get changed, since the rest of our group seemed to be having a pajama party on the floor. At least, I thought that was the reason. Instead, she walked out wearing typical clothes for her and set several laptops on the desk as a pizza box and two-liter bottle floated over to her. When she noticed me looking, she simply asked “What?” I hadn’t meant to be staring, so I told her “Sorry. I just figured you’d be joining us.” I was further distracted when ice cubes seemed to form out of thin air and drop into her glass before the two-liter poured itself. “Though this is a pleasant diversion, I still must do work. Don’t worry. I can see the telly perfectly fine from here.” she explained.

I was tempted to eat first, but Aaliyah insisted that I changed clothes to avoid dirtying them. Alma seemed to be texting while a slice of pizza fed itself to her, but I guessed that all of the laptops had conversations in progress by what I had seen the one day I stepped foot in her office. Not wanting to stare, I dished up some pizza and a drink before stepping over my friends to take a seat where they left a spot on the floor in front of the couch. “Are you staying like that for the entire weekend?” I asked Brandon, realizing he still appeared to be a girl. “Huh? Oh.” he started, realizing I was looking at him. “Yeah. Aaliyah pointed out that with all the cameras down there, someone could notice if I screwed up the shape a bit. This is just safer.” he explained. I nodded, still a bit weirded out by his unexpected change in genders. Before much else could be said, Aaliyah hit a button on her phone and Iron Man started playing, which seemed like a fine choice for a convention. I was surprised how small the large T.V. seemed after getting accustomed to my residence, but having nine of us piled around a T.V. was enjoyable in its own right.

We watched the first Iron Man and then part of the second before people started falling asleep. When the movie finished, Alma insisted we all get to our beds, claiming that sleeping on the floor as a group was “highly improper”. Surprisingly, no one argued. I was ready for Brandon to protest, but I supposed he was too out of it. There was some exchange between Alma and Portentia, but I didn’t have a clue what was said, since they were both signing. Then Portentia sat on the couch and started flipping through channels while Alma sat at the desk as if to work more. Jarod was pretty talkative for a while before he fell asleep. He seemed to be having a blast as well, though he confessed to feeling a bit guilty over how the twins had paid for all the food between them. When he fell asleep, I was left alone with my thoughts for a while. I wondered if I was spending enough time with Portentia, considering she had only just been hired. I didn’t want her to feel isolated or lonely in any manner. At the same time, things were finally going well with Alma, so I didn’t want to neglect her either. There wasn’t much I could do this weekend, considering Aaliyah hired us all, but I needed to figure something out if I could. I had no clue how to balance out time between all of the people in my life, but I fell asleep trying to figure out what would work.

I woke up just after four in the morning, desperately needing to pee. After hurrying to the restroom and taking care of business, I walked out to realize someone had left the lights on. To my surprise, I found Alma still busily working away at the computers and her phone. Not only was Portentia still watching T.V., but the twins were sharing the couch with her, munching on some chips. The idea that all of them could be so perfectly awake already while I was still half-asleep kept me up for a while after I went back to bed, having only waved at the girls before going back to my room. I could do so much more in a day if I never slept, but I felt like my nights would be very lonely without other night owls. Was Alma lonely back in England? Was that why she came to the states in the first place? I really wanted to get to know her better and answer some of the countless questions I had about her. Thinking of her violet eyes as I drifted off brought on dreams about her, not all of which were entirely pleasant. Knowing that Alma was a killer bothered me, despite having first-hand experience at how dangerous a couple types of beings she killed were. I pushed my thoughts to the side and got ready to hit the shower after Jarod said, “Mornin’, James!” His goofy grin proved him to be excited about the day.

Looking at the time, I worried if everyone had time to shower, despite there being two baths available. When I stepped out to check on how the others were faring, water washed over me, briefly soaking me before it passed onto the bathroom. “James! Get out of the way,” said Ai. “Is Jarod up yet?” asked Mai. “Yes, he’s up.” I stated, feeling a bit confused, though I couldn’t complain, not since I felt clean now. I mentally checked showering off my list as I walked into the main room. The other girls, Brandon included this time, were gathered around the table, eating already. From the look of things, someone ordered more than enough room service for all of us. “Please, do join us. Did you rest well?” asked Alma. Not comfortable with making eye contact after last night’s dreams, I assured her I slept fine as I loaded up a plate with scrambled eggs, sausages, some type of sweet-looking rolls, and a couple pancakes. “Boss-man, sir, are you not feeling well? There’s hardly anything on your plate!” claimed Aaliyah as she stole one of my sausages. “Apparently not! I could’ve sworn I grabbed more than this. I must be imagining things.” I replied as I took a seat. Emma snagged one of my pancakes and told me “Well, you can’t go back to bed. We’ll need you out there, even if you’re delusional!” I rolled my eyes and went to cut off a bit of a roll, only to find that one was missing. “I believe you mean ‘hallucinating’. He’ll be fine, I’m sure.” claimed Alma. I looked up in time to see a roll landing on her plate, instantly slicing into smaller portions. Did no one want me to eat today? Things were off to an odd start.


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