Best Friend For Hire, Entry 190

Jarod and I continued talking for over an hour about how strange life was before heading home. When my phone started ringing, I was surprised to find that Alma was calling me. “Hello?” I asked. “Would you consider coming home soon? There’s a very unhappy fairy attempting to fight me at the moment, and Aaliyah suggested that I let you handle the situation. I’m getting rather annoyed to be honest.” stated Alma. “Oh no. Jarod and I are on our way. I honestly forgot about her. What happened?” I inquired, feeling more than a bit concerned. “Not long ago, Mila announced that she was sealing the back of the mansion due to an imminent attack. When I went outside, I found the fairy attempting to make her own way inside. After I informed her that you were still out and asked her to return home for the night, she blamed me for you leaving her behind. I can’t say that I took kindly to her tone but am more disheartened that she ruined my dress. I expect that you’ll buy me a new one, since this is clearly your fault. Fey are too dangerous to be allowed out of that forest. If anyone else would have been attacked by her, they’d likely be dead.” finished Alma, sounding surprisingly cool. I told her “I’m terribly sorry. I truly did forget about her. Who would have thought that she’d still be out there after so many hours? I’ll hurry back there as soon as we arrive.”

Jarod, who had been accelerating during the conversation, asked “What’s going on?” I told Alma “See you soon.” before explaining “Apparently, the little fairy tried blasting her way into the house, got in a disagreement with Alma, and attacked her.” Jarod nodded and said, “Don’t forget to get the other side of the story before you start chastising someone.” Chastise someone? “I have a feeling that no amount of chastisement would faze the fairy.” I replied. Jarod shrugged and told me, “You’re still going to try. Besides, Alma has a tendency to be a bit forceful with people. Do you really believe she didn’t provoke the attack?” He did have a point. Despite all of her international connections, Alma didn’t seem to consider diplomacy an option at times. “I’ll do my best to appease everyone.” I replied. He laughed before saying, “Don’t get me wrong. They both might need chewed out a bit. I was just thinking that this isn’t a time to leap to a conclusion, not with your volatile girlfriend involved.” I sighed. “Jarod, we’re not dating. I don’t know that we will ever date, though I do like her company. We’re just… friends? I’m not even sure. She’s complicated.” I informed him again. He laughed. I was too worried about what was happening to think things through clearly at the moment. When my home was finally in sight, I felt greatly relieved that there wasn’t apparent damage yet. Of course, I was on the wrong side.

I took off jogging the moment Jarod stopped. He yelled “Good luck!” but didn’t follow. There was a sort of fog behind the house, which made seeing anything extremely difficult. “Alma!?” I called. Suddenly, she was at my side, holding my arm. The fog didn’t detract from her beauty in the slightest. If anything, she just seemed even more mysterious as I stared down at her. The entire shoulder of her dress was missing. Words were lost in my throat when the tiny fairy was suddenly hugging my nose, making me go cross-eyed as I stared at her. “James, letting her do that really isn’t appropriate, especially considering there isn’t a stitch on her.” stated Alma. “Huh? She’s… well… I hadn’t even thought of that of all things. None of the fey seem to feel a need for clothes. What of the fighting? Why is there fog everywhere?” I demanded. I couldn’t really see Alma past the fairy who was still hugging my nose, but she didn’t sound pleased as she said, “The fog makes destroying things with lasers much more difficult at any range. That was Mila’s doing, not mine in any case. Imagine what your mother would say if she were to find out that you let naked girls cling to you simply because they’re of a different species.” I laughed and said, “I’m sure mother would simply be in shock that there was a fairy hugging me.” Alma let go of my arm as she replied “Oh? And what about the taller one who is difficult to detect?”

Mother probably wouldn’t notice the inhuman look of that one at first, but I still didn’t see how this was my fault exactly. “Well?” asked Alma. I started searching for words, but only a moment later she said, “I thought as much. No, I’m not suggesting that we introduce your parents to these creatures, but I do feel you should be a little more sensitive to proper decorum around them. Having met Emma as well as her grandmother, I’m sure you can see that these creatures don’t always have innocent intentions.” I did my best not to laugh as I pointed out “Aren’t you descended from one as well?” I caught her crossing her arms out of the corner of my eye. “If anything, that proves my point about their intentions. If you don’t respond soon, that one might grow violent again.” claimed Alma. In my distraction, I hadn’t thought of opening my mind to the fairy. When I did, I found that though she was hugging me, the little fairy was thinking of pummeling me with her little fists. I did my best to convey me pouting at her, covered in little bruises. Suddenly, I felt elation coming from her, and she started flying around my head. Images of her searching for me swept through my mind. Going by the fantastical settings that she supposedly searched, I had to wonder what all Mila had been showing her as a distraction. I then told Alma “As far as I can tell, she just missed me. I don’t see what is so improper about her intentions.”

“James, you’re… you’re… You’re being hoodwinked! You have no idea of what she was thinking about just moments ago, and I am not going to repeat it.” claimed Alma. She then spun around and said, “When you finally come to your senses, will you please at least attempt to reason with her about staying in the forest for the sake of your employees. Goodnight!” The last was said with obvious frustration. I didn’t really see why she was so worked up. Yes, the girl with the pointed ears made me feel quite uncomfortable at times, but I didn’t really think she’d try anything. Even if she did, I wasn’t helpless. Alma could be so moody at times. I didn’t even get a chance to talk with her really, even after she called me to straighten things out. I was having difficulty thinking up how I would ask about the past. I did agree with Jarod that I should try getting both sides of the story, but communicating with images and feelings was so different than with words. If I tried depicting the two fighting, the fairy might think I was encouraging her to fight with Alma. Not having much success coming up with an image of my own, I tried to picture the fairy on her quest for me, hoping she’d continue her story and show me her view of what had happened. I realized my image was obviously lacking something when the fairy grew excited and imagined us flying together over a landscape similar to what I had shown her. Apparently, she thought I wanted to go there.

Turning to my home, I asked “Mila, would you be able to show me what transpired between Alma and this little one?” She replied “Master, I am terribly sorry, but my cameras don’t have very clear images due to the fog. If you’re fine with a reconstruction of events created by using the records from my other sensors to fill in the missing visual data, I’ll happily oblige.” I said that would suffice, and an image instantly appeared on the nearby window. “Mila, isn’t Alma’s nose a bit long?” I asked, barely recognizing Alma in the picture. “Are you certain, master? You’re not comparing her to me again, are you?” she inquired. I really didn’t want to discuss that again with her, especially while trying to concentrate on the images the fairy was sending me. “Nevermind, Mila. Please continue.” I told her. I had Mila freeze the image when the fairy, who wasn’t remotely distorted in Mila’s depiction of events, shot a laser at Alma. I waved to get the fairy’s attention and pointed at the image. The fairy seemed excited and showed me what the blast looked like from her perspective. I thought for a moment before visualizing what Alma would’ve looked like if she had been injured, trying to feed my displeasure into the thought. The fairy felt confused. I then received an image of her playing with that fire fey from long ago. They did some elaborate game together with fires and lights, and he appeared amused when she shot him. The fairy seemed to know she wouldn’t hurt Alma. Perhaps she wasn’t quite as dangerous as Alma thought.


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