Best Friend For Hire, Entry 219

I quickly donned my helmet as Brandon charged the girls with the lightsaber Jarod had made for him..

“This one’s a traitor to the Jedi Order! Cut him down!” commanded Alma.

“Shouldn’t you be trying to capture me as Jedi?” asked Brandon to no avail.

Brenna and Emma stepped up, so Brandon motioned for Force Push against Emma. I quickly obliged him with the spell, careful not to let Emma hit anyone or anything as she flew threw the air. Brenna’s shock was adorable, but she was quick to recover and attack her brother.

In the meantime, Jarod had ignited his lightsaber as he approached the group of girls, and I followed right behind him, attempting to do a good impression of Vader’s stately walk. Ai and Mai motioned like they were using Force Push against us, so I countered their spells as Jarod and I countered their motions. As Ai furiously attacked me, I kept reminding myself to keep slow. She was better than me with a sword, and her experience showed with a lightsaber..

On the other hand, Ai wasn’t faring nearly as well against Jarod. Not long into the fight, Jarod would have managed to stab her arm had Mila not intervened after slashing Brandon across the back. Jarod flipped over a chair, astounding me with his agility and motioned as if he was using Force Lightning.

I obliged him, losing an arm to Cosette who stepped up to assist Mai. I hadn’t even considered her a combatant until the lightsaber ignited mid-swing.I used Force Push against her, sending her into Emma, who was almost back to us.

There was no way Jarod and I were going to win this. We were too outnumbered. I noticed Portentia eagerly waiting to enter the fray, ignited saberstaff in hand. Then a lightsaber ignited behind Mai, and I stopped to stare, taking a hit across the chest. The others were quick to stop too.

Aaliyah’s lightsaber wasn’t a fancy waster like the rest of ours. It was much brighter with a flowing light within. With everyone staring at her, Aaliyah pouted, turned off her lightsaber, and said, “Doesn’t anyone want to play with me?”

“Play!?” exclaimed Ai.

“You could kill someone!” exclaimed Mai.

“I don’t suppose you would be willing to sell that technology.” stated Alma.

At the same time, Jarod laughingly said, “Figures.”

“Nah. I just made this to play.” replied Aaliyah

I was with the others: too dumbfounded to speak. I didn’t even know where to start with how impossible that seemed. Lightsabers seemed really cool in the movies and games, but actually building one seemed beyond difficult. How did she… well.. any of it!? Only Aaliyah.

“I see. Well, please do not pull that out when we’re play-fighting. I know that Mila handed you two lightsabers when she and the others brought the gear up from the shop.” stated Alma.

Aaliyah sighed and said, “Fine, Alpy, but the weight’s not quite right on these.” Then she turned to Jarod and said, “No offense.”

Laughing, he replied “None taken.”

I would have loved seeing inside Jarod’s head at this point. Given the things he’s been up to lately, I bet he was working away at how Aaliyah managed to create such a thing. Anymore, I wasn’t too prone to doubt his ability to figure it out. I was still astounded by how quickly he fabricated our props.

“By the way, aren’t you girls supposed to be out having a girls’ night?” I asked.

“Mila told us about how manly you were being.” stated Ai as she leaned against Jarod.

Staring at her brother, Brenna said, “And shopping was so girly.”

“We didn’t want to interrupt such manly endeavors as movie watching.” claimed Mai.

“But we couldn’t help noticing that none of you asked if we wanted to use the theater tonight.” added Alma.

Then Cosette looked up at me and said, “And though we just met, I’m certain you wouldn’t want to deny us the room, not with only the three of you using it.”

“I thought this sounded like a fun training exercise.” claimed Portentia, partially overtop Cosette.

“And Star Wars!!!” exclaimed Aaliyah, jumping and raising her arms in excitement.

Smiling, Jarod said, “At least Aaliyah’s explanation explains the costumes. Looking good, ladies.”

“I’m glad you think so.” stated Ai.

“We’d hate for you to say that Star Wars is too manly for us.” added Mai as she walked toward him.

“Come on! Mila, I thought we were cool! You know I was just trying to get in a guys’ night mood!” exclaimed Brandon.

“I didn’t blame you for anything. I simply related what you all were doing for guys’ night.” claimed Mila.

“And we didn’t want to miss out on Star Wars!!” exclaimed Aaliyah, jumping again.

“Well, my sister hasn’t actually seen the movies.” stated Mai.

“Neither have you.” replied Ai.

Jarod gaped at them, looking as if they just committed heinous blasphemy.

Alma shrugged and said, “Sorry, Jarod. I did try before.”

“Once.” stated Ai.

“When we were obviously busy.” added Mai.

“Oh, yes. How could I have not realized that cataloging the fish in my pond was that important?” replied Alma, rolling her eyes.

“That was considered field work for our class!” exclaimed the twins.

Alma nodded and said, “Optional field work, which didn’t teach you anything new.”

The twins hmphed at Alma and turned their backs to her to face Jarod.

“I don’t mind rewatching the first one.” stated Brandon, apparently giving up on his indignation.

“You mean Episode IV, right?” asked Emma.

“Of course.” stated Brandon.

“Shouldn’t Episode I be first?” asked Mai.

“I agree. The original trilogy is made all the more exciting if you watch Episode I through III first.” explained Alma.

“The newer movies did have their moments, but should you watch all of The Clone Wars after them if you’re doing things that way?” asked Jarod.

“That series is not finished yet, so we can hardly watch all of the episodes, especially in one night..” argued Alma.

“They do add something to the story, and I really doubt we’ll all make it through the movies in one night.” claimed Brandon.

I refused to take a side even after the argument continued for several minutes.

At that point, the twins suggested “We’ll fight you for it.”

I could see this setting a bad precedent for settling future matters, but the argument died in my throat when Aaliyah put on black robes and switched on two red lightsabers. I stayed with Brandon and Jarod mostly because they were outnumbered, having no real preference in the order the movies were to be watched.

Portentia joined us, looking excited as she positioned herself in front of the twins. Cosette, surprisingly, squared off with Aaliyah, but she didn’t look remotely serious about the fight.

Shouting “Girl Power!” Emma charged at me, nearly getting skewered by Brandon, but she managed to dodge back.

Brandon, however, was cut down quickly by his sister as she took advantage of his back being turned. Brenna was then cut down when she went to help Mila face Jarod. When Alma moved toward me, Cosette and Aaliyah attacked her together.

I was amazed at how Alma moved to deflect multiple sabers. She was obviously focused primarily on holding off Aaliyah’s attacks but managed to maneuver Cosette in Aaliyah’s way several times, not that Aaliyah was held off really. They were both holding back tremendously for Cosette to keep up, and she was quite quick compared to what I was merely a day ago.

When Emma attacked me again, I lost track of them. I didn’t feel outmatched as I did against Mai, but Emma was still quite skilled. I never considered weapon training high on my priorities, since carrying around a weapon through a city was illegal. I didn’t have a clue how Portentia transported her staff. With how decorative it looked, perhaps people mistook it for part of a cosplay?

I caught Emma off-guard when I suddenly pushed her and threw my saber at her, but she deflected it. I then threw Force Lightning, defeating her.

“Master, Darth Vader couldn’t use Force Lightning.” stated Mila over the room’s speakers as her body continued to fight with Jarod.

“Fine-fine. I’ll step out too.” I told her, enjoying watching the fights much more than participating. The fights were amazing to watch, given the outstanding costumes, martial training of most everyone, and magic to simulate Force powers.

Jarod and Mila were very evenly matched. I would wager that she had fighting training through the countless lessons in her databanks. Jarod was simply phenomenal for his experience, a prodigy. I never would have dreamed that he’d take to fighting so quickly. He had never even shown much interest before we learned that magic and supernatural creatures were real.

Portentia was struggling with the twins. Their coordination was incredible, causing her to dodge back and defend constantly. Furthermore, the twins freely used their magic to simulate Force Powers, which Portentia didn’t try to utilize at all. Perhaps the girls didn’t discuss the need?

Cosette was sitting out, apparently defeated by Alma when I wasn’t looking.

“Alpy, pleeeease. You know I can rain lightning down on you while attacking with both hands. I really should get a third lightsaber cutting you from behind too.” argued Aaliyah as she casually blocked Alma’s attacks.

Alma pulled Cosette’s lightsaber from the ground with a spell and sent it spinning through the air. Emma’s lightsaber leaped up and blocked it. Unable to resist, I made my lightsaber fly toward Alma.

“James!” exclaimed Alma.

“Alpy, I can totally fight with a lightsaber in each hand and two in the air.” claimed Aaliyah with a grin.

Emma’s lightsaber moved to block mine as Cosette’s dropped. I caught it with a spell and attacked Alma’s legs. She jumped, but Aaliyah managed to hit her leg in the process.

With a sigh after landing, Alma said, “Fine. I’ll concede.”

Portentia tried taking advantage of the distraction when Mai looked over at Alma, but Ai blocked the blow as Mai slashed Portentia without even looking.

“You’re out. We win.” claimed the twins.

“What? That wouldn’t stop me.” replied Portentia.

“You’d be cut in half!” argued Ai.

Portentia shrugged and said, “I’ve had worse.”

“But your character isn’t you!” exclaimed Mai.

“I don’t know. My character might heal just as quickly.” claimed Portentia.

The twins stuck their tongues out at her while pulling down a lower eyelid.

“Oh, just let her have it. You two won’t take on Jarod and Aaliyah, and Mila’s out now.” insisted Alma.

Aaliyah had helped Jarod finish Mila while the twins were arguing with Portentia, and the two of them were walking toward the twins.

“Fine, but we still beat her.” claimed the twins.

Before restarting Episode IV, we were divided in the theater between girls’ night and guys’ night, since that was supposedly still happening with all of us in the same room. Oh well. I didn’t mind rewatching the movie.


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