Best Friend For Hire, Entry 220

 After Episode IV concluded, Alma insisted that we take a brief break from girls’ night and guys’ night, so I could have my lesson with her, which she promised would be brief.  As I studied the details of the spell she was demonstrating, I had to agree that this was one of the most complicated spells I had ever seen.  I also wondered if we would be standing here, having this lessons if I hadn’t teased her about not knowing the spell for telepathy earlier.  When did she find time to learn it herself?

 “Do you feel you can duplicate it?” asked Alma.

 “Yes, I believe I can.” I told her, demonstrating a moment later.  My memory was incredible now.  I wouldn’t have had a hope of duplicating such a spell the night before.

 “Perfect.” she assured me with a smile.  “If you were to use that spell, you could allow someone to hear your voice from half the planet away.”

 “Hold on.  This isn’t actually telepathy?” I asked.

 “I never said it was telepathy.  You inferred that it was, and I didn’t bother correcting you until now.” she replied.

 “That’s still awesome!  I think I’ll have to be taught it in parts though.” claimed Brenna, frowning by the end.

 “I suppose you’re right.  Wishful thinking I guess.” I replied.

 Alma’s mouth froze as she started to reply.  Everyone was frozen, save for Aaliyah.

 “There is a way to communicate mind-to-mind with that type of magic, boss-man, sir.  Her family just hasn’t discovered it yet.  Well, I should say that she hasn’t discovered it.  Despite how I like to tease her, Alpy is quite good.  She’s far more knowledgeable on magic to affect the mind than anyone else in her family, though her cousin could catch up if he wanted.” explained Aaliyah.

 I didn’t see Carl anywhere.  Of course, I wouldn’t see Carl unless he wanted me to see him.  There was no point in asking Aaliyah how she could know the future when she knew Father Time.

 “Why are you telling me?” I asked.

 Grinning, Aaliyah said, “You were curious!  I also wanted to ask if Mila should let our little friend inside.  Having been away from you for over a day, she’s not very happy at the moment.”

 Embarrassingly, I had completely forgotten about her today.  “Yes, please.  Any suggestions on how to apologize to her?” I asked.

 I found myself facing Alma, who was speaking now.

 “Sorry to disappoint you.  Now visualize the target of the spell.  I haven’t figured out precisely how this functions, but this area” ― she pointed to part of the spell ― “seems to interpret your thoughts and ties your visualization to a target.  Once you have a clear picture of the recipient in your mind, release the spell and speak.  As I’m sure you’ve figured out, how much you can say is determined by how long the spell is maintained via this area.” she finished, pointing at another part.

 “Too bad your instructor didn’t explain the thought interpretation in more detail.” I teased, knowing she must have taught herself the spell.

 Alma frowned at me.

 Visualizing Jarod, I released the spell and whispered “Well, this is different.”

 “Yeah!  Not sure how I feel about you whispering in my ear.” he replied, laughing.

 “Notice how you didn’t hear the response from up close?  If the other person doesn’t know the spell, you’ll have to rely on other means for a response.  In the days before all our technological marvels, this spell was quite important.  We’re probably the first to bother with it in fifty years.” explained Alma.

 “I like it.  If my phone dies while I’m out on a job, I’d still be able to get help.” claimed Brenna.

 “I imagine that you would simply charge your phone or borrow one, but I do see your point.” replied Alma.

 She looked like she was about to say more, but didn’t when a certain little fairy came charging through the air at my face.  I opened my mind to hear her and found myself surprised.  The images that entered my mind no longer seemed a sudden flood.  In fact, the pace was very easy to handle.  After a tirade demonstrating her feelings on my absence, I was shown her day.  Apparently, she had found out about my brief trip to the forest and would have been here much earlier if not for Aaliyah’s orders not to leave until well after sundown.

 As she continued showing me how she spent her hours, I felt caught up on her depiction of Aaliyah.  I never had noticed before how much depth there was to it.  There was such a great number of emotions connected to the image that I hadn’t caught them all even with my new abilities.  I was quite certain that the fey, at least this one, held Aaliyah in awe.

 While I communicated with my little friend, Alma forced the twins to practice the spell she had shown me.  Brenna and Emma both worked on learning part of the spell voluntarily.  None of them did poorly in my opinion, but I was glad that I no longer had to struggle that much with magic.  I’d be able to learn spells much faster now.

 Brandon, Jarod, Cosette, Mila, and Aaliyah went back to sparring with the lightsabers while they waited.  Brandon and Cosette seemed fairly evenly matched, but only because Cosette was “cheating”.  She didn’t hold back her speed, and would occasionally alter her body to dodge a hit.  Portentia sat back, watching the others.  I couldn’t blame her.  Aaliyah, Mila, and Jarod were a sight to behold as they fought.  Their agility and skill were incredible.  I still could hardly believe my best friend’s remarkable advances over the past six months.  He had no magic, but he really could hold his own.

 “I suppose that’s good enough for today, so we might as well return to watching the movies.” stated Alma.

 Aaliyah was the first to give out.  Well, she was at least pretending to be asleep before Episode V was half over.  Brenna was sleeping soon after.  After Episode VI, there was a mutual agreement to stop for the night.  I wasn’t even tired yet, and I wondered if I ever would be again.


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