Best Friend For Hire, Entry 267

Izumi stayed with us for several days. I had trouble deciding whether she was really subdued or quietly observing everything, but Alma assured me that Izumi wouldn’t be any trouble now, since Izumi would see me as an imposing threat. I didn’t care for the idea of being considered a threat, especially considering how adverse that was to the image I wanted for my company. If I did eventually expand to Japan, I might have to deal with a stigma against my business.

“Hey, dude. You busy?” asked Jarod.

Other than considering the past few days, I was attempting to get through more lessons via my company’s courses, but they could wait. Jarod rarely came to my office.

“Not particularly. What do you need?” I replied.

Jarod’s smile showed that he was up to something as he said, “Oh, I just need to confirm a little detail. Would you like to be the best man for my wedding?”

“Of course!” I told him.

Grinning even more, he said, “Awesome. The bachelor party is all on you then. The wedding’s been set for the nineteenth of next month.”

OH. I hadn’t considered a bachelor party. “You’re not looking for a… well… traditional party, are you?” I asked.

“All on you, man. I’ve gotta go tell my parents that I’m engaged and that the wedding’s in a few weeks. Full plate for the day.” he told me.

“Ah. Yes, but…” I started, pausing for a second. My mind was jumping in a hundred directions, maybe more. “Hang on. Given their soon-to-be in-laws, are you informing them about magic?”

“Nah. Nothing abnormal to tell them about.” he claimed.

Disturbingly, he wasn’t lying about not telling them. “You’re marrying two girls.” I stated.

“Sure am!” he exclaimed.

“Ignoring that, what if you have children? They won’t be quite… human.” I bluntly told him.

“Surprise!” he teased, holding his hands aloft as if in excitement.

“But…” I started again.

“Things will work out.” he interjected. Waving, he said, “Bachelor party though. All you. I’m off to see the folks!” Then he walked out.

I was tempted to catch him and attempt talking some more, but Jarod could handle whatever happened. I knew he could, even if he was improvising. On that note, what were the odds he didn’t already have a plan? Slim. Very slim. Then why didn’t he tell me…?

I frowned, considering my record. He might well be accustomed to not telling me anything that involved excessive details. I really had been terrible at paying attention for most of my life. I was getting better though. Wasn’t I?

“Master, such a heavy sigh won’t do if you’re planning a bachelor party. You need fun and excitement, not drama.” insisted Mila.

“Mila, knowing me as well as you do, would I really want to see search results for the words ‘bachelor party ideas’?” I asked.

“Yes, after I edit certain results, though you know I’m at your disposal if you want a personal dancing girl.” she teased.

“I’m quite sure Alma would be thrilled by that notion.” I dryly replied.

The list Mila displayed on my desk was enormous. Paintballing and video games actually counted for ideas? I clearly had not been to enough weddings. I wondered if Jarod was the first one from our class to be getting married. High school was just seven months ago but seemed much farther in my past.

“Mila, do you have access to a guest list, particularly those whom Jarod might want to attend his party?” I asked.

“Of course, master. Jarod already had the list prepared for you.” she told me.

Jarod was good. Smiling, I told her “That’s convenient. Please, cross reference the interests of everyone who might attend with the bachelor party idea list and give me the results.”

Well, that limited things somewhat.

“Might I suggest having the party next weekend. I’ve already checked availability, and only three guests are likely to decline their invitations due to the short notice. Furthermore, the girls will be out with Ai and Mai that weekend. Lady Pendreigh is making arrangements as well.” explained Mila.

“Thank you. That’ll work.” I replied.

“Mother is somewhat distressed that she is not on either list for these parties, master.” stated Mila. “She wanted me to verify that there wasn’t a mistake.”

“Oh. Huh.” was all I could think to say. Aaliyah’s appearance would definitely throw the guys off their game, and I wasn’t surprised that the twins wouldn’t invite her on the girls’ end. I wondered if Jarod had considered inviting her? Would Chad be informed of her attendance or would this be another thing kept from him?

Realizing I was already inclined to invite her, I said, “Please check with Jarod if this was an oversight.”

Aaliyah probably knew more about bachelor parties than anyone alive, so consulting with her would be excellent. Besides, I was certain Jarod would enjoy seeing everyone’s reactions to her as much as I would.

“Jarod approved, master. Mother is thrilled. I’ll be attending as well, by the way.” she informed me.

“Oh? I thought you were getting along better with the twins of late.” I replied.

“I am. Don’t worry. I’ll be attending their party as well, but mother’s putting the finishing touches on my second body. When she’s done, I’ll be able to serve your meal without having to leave your side to fetch it.” she suggested.

I wasn’t quite certain that I was mentally prepared for having Mila in two bodies. There most certainly could be advantages for her, but I worried that she really would insist on being at my side every moment.

“Did you inform Jarod?” I asked.

“Of course, master. He still did some of the work preparing my body. Though I am quite capable, he does like to use his hands for projects.” she replied. “I wouldn’t be quite the same without him, you know.”

I generally thought of bachelor parties to be an entirely male event as far as guests were concerned, but this was apparently another area in which I needed to broaden my horizons.

“I’m glad you agree, boss-man, sir!” exclaimed Aaliyah from beside me.

I nearly jumped.

“Planning time?” I asked.

“Planning time.” she agreed with a nod.

Invitations were sent out within an hour, though I found myself wondering if we might have been discussing things for longer than the clock suggested again. Whatever the case, Jarod would most certainly have an interesting bachelor party.


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