Best Friend For Hire, Entry 358

Our first stop Friday morning, after an early breakfast, was a trip to the Louvre. We met one of Alma’s associates at the Porte des Lions entrance before the museum was open for the days’ crowds. Before long, we were admiring paintings such as the Mona Lisa. Aaliyah pointed out a couple fakes and told what she “heard” happened, leaving our guide a bit disgruntled unfortunately.

Throughout the tour, Alma made remarks about her family in relation to various works. The twins were quite obviously shocked about some of the failures Alma mentioned, but Cosette was obviously delighted about the honesty. Maple and Iris were openly shocked by many of the tales, having been unaware at how much Alma’s family had manipulated the world.

I had already known many of the tales, and I knew many others that couldn’t be mentioned to her, tales of John Smith and his exploits. I also knew some of Aaliyah’s tales which were certainly not to be repeated. I did, however, share some stories of Egypt I learned from the eldest vampires when I recognized a depiction of them.

My daughter seemed to enjoy the tales immensely. She had waited for so many years to come to Earth and hear more about our lives. Growing up, she had to face the stark contrast between how I was seen in her galaxy and how she saw me as her father, but she always knew her parents’ story was larger still. Alma’s mother had spoken often of Earth and her family here. To this day, I was still known for more deeds than I had accomplished yet. Time travel really did complicate events.

Next we ate lunch before we ventured into the catacombs beneath Paris. Cosette was quick to point out that what we saw was partly due to her father’s reign, since he was the ruler here at the time the catacombs became ossuaries. She teased about knowing a few hidden areas from her father’s journal.

Jarod, Brandon, and Kayla were enthusiastic about the idea of watching horror movies in the catacombs after hearing the story of police discovering a secret theater in 2004. Emma seemed torn between the arguments of such an act being destructive given that they altered a historical landmark and comments about how perfect the setting was.

I suggested taking a walk to enjoy some of the famous architecture throughout Paris when we left the catacombs, but only Raine, Alma, Marco, Dejon, and Emma seemed interested. Jarod and Aurora were dragged off by the twins to do more shopping with Brenna. Brandon and Deyanira wanted some alone time. Maple, Iris, Jemal, Kayla, Dani, and Mila went to another museum. Portentia gave into Maxine’s request to visit an acquaintance of hers. Cosette had a meeting with some vampires in a different section of catacombs.

After arriving at the concert in the late evening, we split into two groups. Some had asked for general admission, wanting to get as close to the stage as possible. The rest of us were quite satisfied sitting without anyone shoving us.

Dani had been interested in being on the floor, but I was worried over how the flood of emotions would affect her judgement and convinced her to sit with me. She really didn’t complain too much, singing along from between Alma and me.

The concert went on for hours, giving us quite the show. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant owned by a friend of Marco for a late dinner. I got the impression this friend of his, Ines Couture, was attempting to show off with the lavish display of food. She was quite attractive in an outfit that was clearly new, and she obviously enjoyed her work. She seemed romantically interested in Marco, but he didn’t really seem to notice. Of course, he might know of the interest but not how to turn her down. Nonetheless, I wasn’t certain why he didn’t seem more interested in her.

My group made our way back to the hotel after dinner, still talking about the concert and Paris in general. Most of the group quickly went to bed that night, leaving the rest of us to another night of Pathfinder. Well, Portentia insisted on going out again, talking about a number of criminals she had caught the previous night.

Where we had left off, our adventurers had stopped a plot from an evil mummy who was attempting to gain control of a city, but we found evidence of a larger scheme. The mummy was just a minion of some stronger being who was enacting a plan to control the nation.

Finding only vague evidence to corroborate this plot, we set off to a larger city in the North where the greatest library of the nation was kept. Soon after reaching the library we were interrupted by powerful zombies crawling their way up through the floor. Raine was mortified when a couple zombies she had set on fire barreled into the bookshelves, setting them ablaze. The fight grew intense as Raine’s sorceress battled the flames while we battled undead.

Our research appeared to be permanently halted until Cosette made a Perception check to find a clue in the charred mess. Before following the clue, we first attempted to follow the tunnels in which the zombies had traveled to us.

After numerous turns and even more plot twists, the sun began to rise in the real world. Our game had to take rest, but we were all looking forward to the next night where we would get to play again. Mila certainly knew how to tell a tale.


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